DEM graduate now curator in Aberdeen

We like a good success story at Lincoln. Not only do they make us feel warm and tingly on the inside, but they also mean that the people who graduate from here are going on to have good, prosperous lives, and that’s what we’re all about at the heart of it.

Today’s tale of good things comes from a graduate of the Design for Exhibition and Museums BA(Hons) course. Gillian Macnee graduated in 2006, when the degree was called Museum and Exhibition Design, and is now working as Curator of Learning and Access at the University Museums of Aberdeen. We got in touch and asked her for a few words on her experience of Lincoln. Here’s what she had to say:

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Lincoln. Geoff and Pam were amazing teachers; it sounds corny but some of the lessons they taught me I still apply to my work today! Firstly that every good exhibition should be about telling a story. You have to find and show that story in the best possible way, and I still always do that when planning exhibitions or workshops. Storytelling is what it all boils down to.

Secondly you have to eventually stop brainstorming new ideas and decide on one. It took me all of my degree to learn that! I kept changing my mind and changing ideas and designs, but at some point you have to stop!”

Gillian also sent us some photographs of her working life so far. We’re sure you’ll agree that her work looks a lot more fun than the average day!

gillian1 gillian2 gillian3 gillian4 gillian5

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