The Daily Doodle

Every day is an opportunity to show off your talents, but sometimes it can be hard to find out where to do it. Fortunately for illustrators a window has opened to help them do just that.

Mark Chambers, illustrator and University of Lincoln alumni, has set up the Daily Doodle, a Twitter account with the intention to get people drawing. The account will post a different topic every day and ask people to submit their responses so it can show them off to the wider public, including a number of top publishers and nationally known illustrators.

 daily doodle logo
Mark says, “It’ll be great fun to get people drawing, inspired and interacting. A lot of publishers and art directors will get to see this and that kind of exposure will be great for the illustrators and designers of the future. I hope as many people get involved with this as possible and that they have a lot of fun with it.”

It’s always great to see opportunities like this spring up, so we’d urge you all to get following on Twitter and have a go!

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