Fred Talks

Fancy reading about an exciting new series of talks set up by some of our own exciting students? Good. Here’s Creative Advertising 3rd year Emma Thomas to tell you more.

Everybody loves tradition so we thought it was about time the Creative Advertising Society started one of their own. The Fred talks. A delightful mixture of live talks, live music and weird and wonderful TED talks for a little bit of creative ignition. An event that all members of the society could enjoy and benefit from.

Held in a lecture theatre in the Art, Architecture and Design building, our first Fred talks gave a wide variety of topics. Starting with Dr Emile van der Zee, Principal Lecturer at the School of Psychology here at Lincoln, talking about dog psychology. How are dogs able to recognise words and phrases? He spoke about his own research into the topic, showed some incredibly intelligent dogs and left us all amazed by the findings from his research. Days later and the attendees are still talking about those dogs.

fred 3#

Next up was a short and probably unintentionally humorous TED talk informing us on the correct way to dry you hands. Shake and fold everybody, shake and fold..

Our next act was brought to us the in form of our very own talented Creative Advertising students, Jack Snell and Joe Lovett. The duo performed their renditions of Awolnation’s Sail, Stereophonics Dakota and Chuck Berry’s Johnny B Good. All three crowd pleasers.

fred 2

A change of pace came from our next TED talk Neil Harbisson ‘I listen to color’. An incredible story of a colour blind male who, with the help from a device on this head, was able to listen to the colours around him and turn his grey scale world into colour.

Ending the evenings Fred talks was Creative Advertising’s own Justin Tagg. Justin has recently finished filming a short film ‘Mouse-X’ and told the incredible journey of the film from script to screen and showcasing his hard work and determination. Covering crowd funding, set production and even his time at the Cannes film festival earlier on in the year, he left us all with the lasting sentiment of don’t just dream, do. We’re now nearing the time of the year to pass the society over to a new committee and wait with anticipation to see next year’s Fred talks line up.

fred 1

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