Creative Advertising Visit London

Prior to Easter the third year Creative Advertising students went to London. Here to tell you all about that is Gyles Lingwood, Principal Lecturer in the School of Art and Design, accompanied by some lovely photos that the student took during their travels.

“Just before Easter the third year students had their ‘London Week’. The year group was split in two and each group visited one agency a day. In total the cohort visited 10 agencies in 10 days.

Some of the agencies set briefs the week before and ran a crit when the students arrived. Some agencies were even more demanding and set a brief in the morning and then critiqued the work in the afternoon. A couple of the agencies gave presentations on how to get a job in advertising, showed some of their recent work and gave advice on portfolio content, industry expectations and how to successfully make the transition from University to career. Here are some photos to illustrate all of that happening:

london1 london2 london3 london4 london5 london6

As you can see it really was quite a week!

Thank you SO much to all everyone at the agencies who helped organise the week. We simply couldn’t have done it without you. The vast majority of these were past University of Lincoln Creative Advertising graduates so you see how it goes: come to Lincoln > graduate from Lincoln > get a placement (or two or three) > get a job at a top agency > keep in touch with the staff team in Lincoln > help the next generation of creative talent. You get the idea.
Next up for the third years, pull everything together that they’ve learned in Lincoln and London and prepare for their portfolios for final assessment. And then it’s the degree show (and Private View party). Nice.”

Thanks Gyles.

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