Cultural Contexts seminar open to researchers

An open seminar has been organised as part of the Cultural Contexts Research Group. The seminar is designed for academics, early career researchers and PhD students and will be based around the theme of ‘Memory in Context’.

The event will take place on the 30th of January at 1pm in room AAD3W13, the large meeting room next to the Admin Office in the Art and Design West Wing, and is open to relevant parties from across the university.

Two speakers will be hosting the seminar, these are:

1:00pm: Prof. Lucie Armitt (School of Humanities) who will be talking about her work on Kate Mosse and her writing about the Cathar communities in South-West France in her ghost stories.
2:15pm: Prof. Antony Rowland (School of Humanities) who will be taking about the Topography of Terror museum in Berlin and the problems of a ‘perpetrator’ museum.

This will be a great opportunity to hear about two fascinating subjects from two highly experienced

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