Enterprise Inc open for applications

Have you ever watched an episode of Dragons’ Den and thought to yourself, “Hey, I’ve got a better idea than that,”? Well it’s time to get up off your sofa and do something about it, future Richard Bransons.

The applications for the Enterprise Inc scheme are now open, and while the panel might not be as terrifying as the one on television, they are just as good at helping to get your business idea off the ground. Over the past couple of years the scheme has helped countless creative students get the business support they need to start their journey into the sometimes mystical land of being self-employed. Illustrators, jewellery designers, conservators, film directions, photographers and many more have all passed through the Enterprise doors and are now earning a living doing the thing they love. Next year when we write a similar blog post about this, one of those people could be you!


Not only does the scheme offer a series of fantastic workshops delivered by leading professionals (we did one once. Only one person left early) but it also provides the lucky few who get on with the opportunity to receive £2500 of funding to help their businesses get started.

This is a terrific opportunity for anyone who feels they have a bit of entrepreneurial flair or an idea that can’t be ignored. If that sounds like you then email rclayforth@lincoln.ac.uk or pop into the Enterprise building to find out more.

Remember us when you’re super successful. We’d like our own island.

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