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What is Design for Exhibition & Museums?

DEM specialises in the design of three-dimensional environments that ‘tell a story’. The design of exhibitions for commercial and heritage practises is continuously evolving and presents many challenges to designers’ creativity and technical know-how. Great exhibitions communicate ideas and information effectively to audiences in purpose built spaces, leaving them with a lasting impression. By understanding the evolving nature of the industry, DEM produces designers who can communicate a story in a 3D space.

Throughout the course students learn how to manipulate space and structure, design graphics, create storyboards and create exhibition content that is targeted and accessible.

Part of the course’s appeal is its studio-based culture where students undertake project-based creative work such as drawing, modelling, written and computer aided design skills.

Projects are extremely varied, integrating theory, professional studies, technology and design skills to promote creativity, innovation and curiosity. We also offer this programme at

masters level with the MA in Design for Exhibition and Musuems; applications can be made online at

Recent design agencies and museums that recent graduates have progressed to include:
Museum Design:
  • Duxford Air Museum
  • Eureka Children’s Museum
  • Glasgow Science Centre
  • Imperial War Museum
  • The British Museum
  • The Science Museum

Exhibition Design

  • Event Communications
  • Furneaux Stewart
  • Haughton Kneale Design
  • Imagination
  • Janus Design
  • JJA Design Consultants
  • Merlin Entertainments
    (Alton Towers, Legoland, Sealife and Madame Tussauds)
  • MET Studio Design
  • Photosound Communications
    Pico International
    (Dubai and Singapore)
  • Redman Design Associates
  • Small Back Room



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