Workshop time!

Year 1 students have been working hard again in the workshop, carving out their casts to prepare in exploring them as architectural spaces through themes such as light, scale, colour and composition. The workshop is a great facility for the architecture students and staff. We have all the equipment students need to work with a multitude of materials. Traditional timber working saws, sanders and cnc equipment, alongside high tech laser cutters and 3D printers to name just a few! We also have a fantastic casting suite as well as print making facilities and the Maker Lab situated in the East wing of the architecture and design building. Here are some pictures of the workshop and work in progress!


The high tech end of the workshop with 3D printers and laser cutters.


Model making in progress

Cast 9

McCartney Cruz modelling his workshop attire!

Cast 1

A city of casts coming together!


Precision work

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MAKE+ Design Charrette

Last week Year 2 Architecture students worked as teams for our first design charrette MAKE+. The brief was to design a transportable pavilion for the campus. We are aiming to prototype and build with students moving forwards! The winners, Team 6 were Edward Buttifant, Zujia Zhao, Lauren Gabbitas, George Gardner, Ashlea Mason, Ellie Stinson, Tom Brunyard. Everybody involved did a fantastic job and we were very impressed by the high level work and really importantly also impressed by the positive and productive team work!

IMG_6651 IMG_6653 IMG_6665 IMG_6656 IMG_6659 IMG_6661 IMG_6669 IMG_6673


Students building buildings!

Year 3/5 Architecture Studio get involved with building a building! We all love donning a bit of high viz! Andy Earls studio helped put up a temporary theatre for the Paines Plough company. There’s a very lightweight geodesic dome framework with a weatherproofing cover. Then inside is a circular stage and rings of seats made of interlocking plywood sections with a free-standing  canopy which holds the lighting. Great experience for our students to get their hands into building making!



work%20in%20progress%20paines%20plough%20geodesic%20frame work%20in%20progress%20paines%20plough%20seating work%20in%20progress%20paines%20plough%20staging work%20in%20progress%20paines%20plough%20thumbs%20up work%20in%20progress%20paines%20plough%20unloading

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Lets Pecha Kucha Year 1

We had an absolutely fabulous day today with year 1 architecture! Pecha kucha (quick timed presentations) on 20th century greats! Corb, Meis, Leonidov, Archigram and more! Tasty treats from Elika Nakamura – Sushi and sake, green tea and mochi! The architects of tomorrow spoke so eloquently about architectonic language, composition, political context, materiality, architectural theory, art movements and did us tutors very proud! Keep up the good work!pecha kucha1 pecha kucha2 pecha kucha5pecha kucha3 pecha kucha4

Nomination for Women in Property Regional Awards

This week we have nominated one of our year 2 Architecture Students for the Women in Property Regional Awards. We would like to congratulate Lauren Gabbitas for her design for an aquarium on the Brayford Pool in Lincoln. The panel considered the project to be bold and adventurous in terms of architectural proposition. Lauren’s studio tutor Primali Paranagamage, said

“With this attitude to learning Lauren is beginning to develop a particular approach and philosophy to design; a sure sign of a successful architect”.

Good luck Lauren in the next stage of the competition!

We would also like to say well done to our other three students who were shortlisted for the nomination; Lorna Lovatt, Ellie Stinson and Emma Jenssen.


For more information about Women in Property see here 
Development small Final presentation2 small

Year 1 Architecture Students get their hands dirty

This week the year 1 architecture students have been highly productive in the casting suite. They are getting their hand dirty (and also in most cases their hair, face, shoes, entire workshop!) and learning about the making processes. They have been working with Rob Britt this week, our talented and supportive workshop technician. Students are considering architectural composition, architectonic language, and even structures through how they are considering the suspension of the models within a frame. The cubes are already taking on a life of their own and students are taking pride and ownership of their work driven by the process of making. We can’t wait to start cutting these beauties up to reveal whats inside!!


The volume models get placed within a casting cube!


The lads ready to make a mess


Daft punk !


Seems like someones trying to get out!


Just nine of 50!


A very well crafted example of the volumetric model suspended within a frame.


Doras drawing of the parts of her model.

If you go down to the woods today!

Year 2 Architecture students undertook a live brief in the Chambers Woods today. The first site visit included an excellent  walk about by Wally Grice, the beat manager from the Forestry Commission. Wally wants students to make a response to site, so an excellent opportunity to for students to think about how to use locally sourced materials in innovative ways, considering how to grapple with environmental, social and economic sustainability. Keep an eye on here to see updates on this project and other live projects happening in Year 2!



IMG_5940 IMG_5941 IMG_5945IMG_5947

HitRECORD collaboration for Year 1 Architecture!

Year one Architecture students got off to a flying start this year with a one week project titled ’30 Second City’. Pairs of students were tasked to document one of 25 sites in the city of Lincoln using video, animation, sound etc. The results have been uploaded to Joseph Gordon-Levitts creative collaborative site

Student work can be seen here

Small architectural interventions were designed as a response to documentation. Some can be seen here. More will be on our portfolio site shortly! This can be found hereSite 13 - George Austin 1 copySite 16 Luke Parkhurst 2Site 10 connor WalshSite 5 Malene Riise 2Site 3 Daniel Gibbins 1Site 2 Chloe Loader 1 copyCampus site Rose MerrittSite 18 Jack Franklin 1

Le Corbusier inspires yet again!

Year 1 Architecture students have been studying Le Corbusiers paintings and architecture and have developed a series of planar relief models as part of the Design, Process and Communication module. The resulting models will be used to develop a further set of models to bring students through a journey of transcription or process. The photographs show a small selection of the hundred models that have been produced. Watch this space for the next iteration to make full use of our casting suite! Thanks to Jeff Pashley, one of our workshop staff who has been working closely with educating students on model making so far this year. Seems to be working!


thumb_IMG_5884_1024thumb_IMG_5888_1024 thumb_IMG_5891_1024 thumb_IMG_5887_1024

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RIBA Mentoring Scheme for Lincoln Architecture students

This month we have seen kicked off the RIBA East Midlands Mentoring Scheme for Year 3 architecture students. Working with the RIBA East Midlands Cecilia Godoy and Mike Baulcombe (regional director of the RIBA East Midlands) we are very excited to run the initiative for the second year. Year 3 students have been teamed up with local architects to get an insight into the practice of an architect by attending site and office visits and client meetings.

The first meeting of mentors and mentees took place this October getting the scheme off to a great start. Energetic and informative conversations took place, all thanks to enthusiastic and passionate local practitioners and engaged students! Watch this space for updates!

Last years students said that:

‘ it gave me an understanding of the overall role of an architect’ and it allowed me to see how our teaching is applied in practice’ 

Another student enjoyed garnering ‘valuable experience of a live project‘.

One of the architects involved in the mentoring Scheme said that they ‘really enjoyed meeting the students and their enthusiasm for the subject’!

IMG_5631 IMG_5634pano IMG_5635 IMG_5636

KIER and Year 1 Architecture students visit building site!

Over the past month the year 1 architecture students have been getting the high viz on and trekking around the building site on campus, the extension to the engineering building! Kier, a leading property, residential, construction and services group, has been great in supporting student learning in accommodating us on site. Colin Low, site manager has been fantastic and so enthusiastic in giving students insight to the making of buildings!

IMG_5679IMG_5620 IMG_5841

Architecture students Lincoln Cathedral visit

Year 1 Architecture students visited Lincoln Cathedral this week as part of their History and Theory studies. It was a fantastic opportunity for students to use the city as a way to understand history of architecture and gets hands on with the fabric of the city.



DSC_04 DSC_05

Students had a wonderful opportunity to view some of the original drawings of the cathedral from the 18th and 19th century, usually stored in the Wren Library. Activities included architectural tours and drawing exercises. Students are now developing portfolios of drawing studies of the cathedral and its structure.



IMG_5717 IMG_5722 IMG_5724 IMG_5725

Frequency Festival and The STAN Project

Frequency Festival of Digital Culture is a biennial festival hosted in the city of Lincoln, providing a platform to celebrate the pioneering spirit of digital innovation and culture through exhibition, creative collision and debate. It showcases artists’ work from all over the world, using a historic city as its canvas and sharing it around the globe.

A multi disciplinary team of students and staff based in the Lincoln School of Architecture and Design and the Lincoln School of Computer Science has exhibited at the Drill Hall in Lincoln for Frequency Festival. Working as a team for a number of years, exploring the question; how to materialize or make physical the immaterial world of social media? Projects they have completed include the Gold Medal winning Twitter gardens in Chelsea and Harrogate.

IMG_5624  Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 12.09.47

A mechanised installation controlled via Twitter, Pynchon’s Wall searches for key words and phrases related to this year’s Frequency theme of liberation and moves its panels based on the data it receives. The wall mines its own analysis and responds directly to certain subjects, allowing the audience to interact with and direct the work, forming a visual representation of public opinion.

The project has been highlighted as one of the exhibits to see in numerous publications and social media!

For Further information please visit: 


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Newton Academy Science Club for Girls Architecture Workshop



Last weekend we ran a wonderful Architecture workshop with 80 girls aged between eight and thirteen in the School of Architecture and Design. Organised as part of the Universities Athena Swan initiative,  the programme consists of four STEM-themed Saturday morning workshops per academic year.

The workshop focused on asking the girls what future cities might behold for us! Each team was assigned a specific theme and the results were fantastic. We had everything from bobsleigh towers and zoos in the sky to balloons that float over the city and play music to everyone!

Both undergraduate and postgraduate architecture students and staff worked with nine teams of girls to work incredibly hard to produce a 9 square meter drawing in just two hours! The use of a common architectural drawing style created a fabulous visual impact! For a closer look the work is to be exhibited in the atrium space of the architecture building.

Staff and students involved: Barbara Griffin, Primali Paranagamage, Benji Nijar, Thomas Hudson, Alisha Abraham, Lewis North, Chloe Pottter, Lauren Pincher, Arvin Sarroza, Lorna Lovatt, Danai Moustaki, Louise Hamilton and Tejal Dave

IMG_5762 IMG_5763 IMG_5767 IMG_5770 IMG_5820

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TOOL – Maker Lab Collective

The Maker Lab Collective would like to invite you to join them in “making”:


Something regarded as necessary to the carrying out of one’s occupation or profession. Something used in the performance of an operation; an instrument.

A device for performing work, tool suggests an implement adapted to facilitate a definite kind or stage of work and suggests the need of skill more strongly than implement.

A tool can be a physical object such as mechanical tools including saws and hammers or a technical object such as web authoring tool or a software program.

Furthermore; a concept can be a tool.

Creating is the tool, which allows the child’s mind to grow.

Words are a tool.



Make a tool; use the tool to show what the tool can do.

This project is aimed at anyone who is interested in MAKING of any kind.

The deadline for this project is Monday 11th January 2016, resulting in an exhibition of work.

YCN Success for our BA (Hons) Graphic Design Graduands


Huge congratulations to two of our BA (Hons) Graphic Design Graduands’ Katherine West and Connor Robertson who have won best overall in the YCN Awards last week. Katherine and Connor entered the Interflora category and created a clever and witty solution to the Interflora brief. The brief asked them to revive Grandparents Day and get people to remember their loved ones by marking the occasion with flowers. It was their playful yet sensitive treatment of the brief that shone and bagged them the overall award in the category. The ceremony took place at the Barbican and it was a fun and exciting night for all involved. Here are some pictures from the event:



Go Team Graphics – we’re very proud!



The judging is over for the first part of the Adobe Design Achievement Awards, and of the 2572 entries this year, 624 have been shortlisted as semi-finalists, of these, 47 are from the UK, and of those 47 … 4 are from our BA (Hons) Graphic Design course here at the university.

So well done to Will Timney (1984 is now), Katherine West (Extraordinary Life of Peggy Guggenheim), Suzie Armstrong (Diary of a Homosexual) and Hannah Tomlinson (tokyo:ocean).

Fingers crossed for the finals!



We’re massively proud that Connor Robertson and Katherine West, two of our BA (Hons) Graphic Design students, have won at the YCN awards this year. Their work in response to the Interflora Grandparents Day brief has been recognised as some of the most outstanding out of all submissions to this national and international competition.


Students excel in international upcycling project


A team of young designers has returned from a major eco-friendly event in China where they produced a collection of innovative new products from waste materials as part of a British Council ‘up-cycling’ initiative.

Up-cycling is a key focus of British Council design work, which encourages the world’s future practitioners to consider the environmental, economic and social benefits of re-using materials, rather than discarding them as waste. The University of Lincoln is one of only two UK universities selected to take part in every one of the British Council’s upcycling activities in China to date.

Students from Lincoln’s MA International Design Enterprise (MAIDE) programme, Lucia Garci Crespo and Lucy Patterson, travelled to Jiangnan University in Wuxi, China, together with Programme Leader David Bramston. The students joined fellow designers from Jiangnan University and Tongji University.

Working in teams, they were tasked with a brief centred on Taihu Lake – the main tourism area of Wuxi and a major visitor destination in China. They were invited to create new products from industry leftovers, which could be used and enjoyed in this tourism hotspot.

The Lincoln team received a number of British Council awards for their work, including ‘Best Use of Materials’, and their creations were also presented across a number of parks as part of China Low Carbon Action Day.

The University of Lincoln designers created a range of easy-to-use fishing sticks for children by converting the waste plastic strapping left over from factory packaging.

Up-cycling in China FullSizeRender

David Bramston, Principal Lecturer (Enterprise) in Lincoln’s School of Architecture & Design, explained: “We visited regions of Wuxi to meet local communities and experience the popular Li Lake, and gave our fishing sticks to local children. The very simple construction ensured that they were fast, easy and inexpensive to produce, and rather than using a hook, they simply had a knot at the end of the line to hold a piece of bread. The fishing sticks were very popular and promoted not only the benefits of using waste materials to make new works, but also created a safe new fishing experience. This project really captured the spirit of upcycling and served to prove that new designs do not have to be complicated to be effective.

“The whole visit was extremely valuable for our students. It is important for young designers to be aware of their responsibilities and understand the impact that their decisions to engage with more considered and environmentally friendly practices can have. The collaboration of cultures and experiences is also fundamental to the MAIDE studio ethos.”

The project in China was supported by the Guangzhou Low Carbon Industries Association and the Guangzhou Valuda Group Ltd, and was designed to facilitate collaboration between higher education institutions and industry partners internationally.

The MAIDE team later went on to the Hubei Institute of Fine Art in Wuhan, China, where they were joined by fellow Lincoln students and Assistant Professor Yeli, visiting scholar from the Chinese University of Mining and Technology School of Art & Design in Xuzhou, who has been based at Lincoln since August 2014.

They teamed up with Chinese Industrial Design students to create a number of novel seating solutions, again using only ‘found’ materials. The group worked with street makers – individuals on the streets of Wuhan who are able to stitch, weld and fabricate design proposals – to bring their ideas to life, before exhibiting a collection of more than 25 works at the Institute of Fine Art.

Twisted Tales Exhibition featuring Illustration Students Work

Cygnet Ink

Cygnet Ink, the creative platform for College of Arts students and graduates of the University of Lincoln, are exhibiting at Malt Cross in Nottingham. Twisting Tales is an exhibition full of fairytale illustration with a twist. If you’re in Nottingham go check it out!

1st-12th July, 11am-6pm // Malt Cross Nottigham // Free