Careers Mondays are changing



On a Tuesday you can buy two pizzas for the price of one from a popular chain of takeaway restaurant.

On a Wednesday you can, if you are part of the right mobile phone network, get into see a movie at the cinema for a discount.
But both of those days mean nothing compared to the joy, the wonder, the incomparable delight that is Careers Mondays. You might have been to one of these days already and if so you’ll have noticed someone sitting on a big round table on the third floor of AAD West offering CV advice, job tips and generally useful chatter. That person was Helen. She served you well.
However as of today you will no longer notice Helen sitting on that big round table. Instead you will notice Judy Turner. Judy will be here every Monday from 10am – 1pm doing all of the things Helen used to, apart from responding to the name ‘Helen’. Good, eh?
All you have to do is drop in between the allotted times and say hello. Remember to say “Hello Judy” and not “Hello Helen.” This is important. You can also book an appointment by emailing
Helen is still around and you can still chat to her if you’d like by emailing or by going along to one of the daily drop in sessions in the Enterprise building between 10am and 2pm.
Alright? Got it? Good. Remember Judy. Not Helen.
She will not answer to Helen.

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